The Haunting of Joni Evers

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Strollplayer Adventure Mystery

Face the past. Break the curse.

The Haunting of Joni Evers is a psychologically thrilling adventure-strollplayer. Delve into the forgotten corners of the Cunningham House to uncover secrets and rediscover connections to the Evers-Cunningham family.

Trouble follows you home as strange happenings once again disquiet the small town of Harvest, Oklahoma. Play as Joni Evers, a self-reliant loner estranged from her family. Much of the massive Cunningham House, where she lives alone, stands forgotten and forsaken. After an unexpected fight with a close friend, Joni comes home one night unprepared for the mystical snare that awaits her. She must face her past to secure her future. But can she do it in time?

Explore the quirky Cunningham House

Traverse a detailed home with a story to tell in every corner. The eccentricities of the house convey deeply human connections to Joni’s family members. Explore the house to uncover what’s going on between Joni and her family… and what you can do to help them reconnect.

Fully Voice-Acted

Become immersed in the story through a captivating performance that brings Joni Evers to life.

Encounter the Strange

Stones have been known to move and trees to speak. Something mystical is afoot inside the Cunningham House. Perhaps you can use this magic to your advantage. Tread carefully, however, until you discover the magic’s source — something, or someone, may be trying to use it against you.

Unannounced Project: Janus

A game about community, growth, and rediscovering your past.


From the Deep

Survival Horror Mystery Puzzle

Confront and survive a twisted, cosmic horror isolated at the edge of universe. From the Deep is a survival horror game set inside an abandoned Monastery built upon the Cosmic Shoreline at the universe’s edge — a liminal space at the threshold between Cosmos and Nothingness. Unravel the mysteries of what befell this once beautiful place while avoiding the evil that stalks you within. Will you survive to tell the tale, or will your fate be sealed inside these hallowed halls?

Harness the psychic powers of the Cosmic Waters

A magical resource that flows from the Axis Mundi used to power your surroundings, solve puzzles, and fend off an unassailable foe.

Discover the myths and secrets of the Soul Divers

Immerse yourself in the faded world of the Soul Divers and the events preceding their untimely demise.

Evade and escape a relentless pursuer

Adapt and survive as you are hounded by an interdimensional monster known as the Entity Beneath Things.