September 28, 2023

Antwohnette’s feet fall heavy in the snow. Ka-chunk, Ka-chuck — each step has two points of impact: the initial step and the sinking as the snow gives way. Caliban, meanwhile, effortlessly trots along beside her, weaving among the trees. His black feet offer harsh contrast against the white. “How do


September 21, 2023

Joni Evers curls her feet up to balance on the wooden seat of an old metal stool. She leans forward, resting her elbows on the workbench and scribbles numbers into a spreadsheet detailing parts, order numbers, and invoices. The jangle of the Auto Shop’s bell disrupts Joni’s emerging


September 14, 2023

If you encounter a faery on a stroll through the woods, chances are you may be challenged to a faery game — like berry picking. Winning such a game might convince the faery to endow you with the power to heal, but such ability always comes with a caveat…


August 31, 2023

We Dive with our souls, our entire being, into cosmic waters, imperfectly striving towards Enlightenment, believing that our devotion and rigorous pursuit of cosmic truth will lead if not us, then our descendants to Oneness.


August 17, 2023

YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE HERE. Spooked from his hiding spot behind a particularly large bush, Todd found himself face-to-face with the phantom he had been tracking around town for the last few days. The phantom towered over him, and he noticed that their unblinking, metallic-gold eyes had no


August 10, 2023

Bradley Teague waits at the front counter inside Mountain’s Bounty, a General Store nestled in downtown Healing Springs. He rings the bell on the counter. “Be right with you,” a voice echoes from the storeroom in the back. Bradley smiles to himself, thumbing the bag of Fungo Squares on


August 03, 2023

The Great Barrier is, in truth, not a barrier but an ocean. It is not that which blocks passage, but instead that which is the final form all consciousness will assume.


July 27, 2023

“Fox, do you think there is a place beyond these fields?” the phantom had asked one day, a time long before Reapers had dominated the Golden Fields. “I’ve spent my entire life here and haven’t found an edge,” the fox had answered, eyes glinting with something sharp and


July 20, 2023

Caliban darts between golden stalks. He knew it would come to this, he just knew it. His small, agile frame is hard to track in the dark, but he still worries the rustling grass will give his position away. Not much farther now, he thinks to himself. He bursts into


July 13, 2023

By the Editorial Board Recently, dear reader, we’ve noticed an influx of fan mail criticizing our journalistic integrity here at The Inquirer and Reflection. We must say that while this has disappointed some of the editorial staff here, it has done nothing more than inspire us to continue our


June 29, 2023

Roger Heelman slams his office phone back onto its receiver. The clerk he had just hired two weeks ago has failed to show up to their shift. Roger does not remember that this is the fifth time this has occurred, nor does Ms. Lauer, a frequent customer of Heelman Convenience.


June 15, 2023

Perpetual communion with the Universal Consciousness is the ultimate aspiration. It is Enlightenment.


May 25, 2023

The Universal Consciousness has no sense of self. This lack of self is the Great Barrier we must chart should we attain our Enlightenment. Thus we Dive.


May 18, 2023

“What d’you think’s out there?” Antwohnette sits on a rickety porch propped up on makeshift stilts, staring out across an endless sea of amber grass. Caliban curls up next to her. “Trouble,” he says. Antwohnette runs her hand through his black fur. “You think it’s worth it?


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