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Yesterday, a strange man entered the headquarters of The Inquirer and Reflection. This man (named Todd) was quite angry with us; he claimed to be an employee of the paper! When we told him we had no record of his employment, now or in the past, he grew red in



September 28, 2023

Why Is The Forest So Quiet?

Antwohnette’s feet fall heavy in the snow. Ka-chunk, Ka-chuck — each step has two points of impact: the initial step and the sinking as the snow gives way. Caliban, meanwhile, effortlessly trots along beside her, weaving among the trees. His black feet offer harsh contrast against the white. “How do

September 21, 2023

Not Hiring

Joni Evers curls her feet up to balance on the wooden seat of an old metal stool. She leans forward, resting her elbows on the workbench and scribbles numbers into a spreadsheet detailing parts, order numbers, and invoices. The jangle of the Auto Shop’s bell disrupts Joni’s emerging

From the Deep

Confront an ancient evil at the monastery on the cosmic shoreline

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