Old and Peculiar Ways

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October 20, 2022

“Dreams provide a perspective to unseen aspects of the nature around us. In order to reveal some obscured truth, your best chance is to do so under the unobstructed view of an unfettered celestial body. If you draw an appropriate symbol (see the figures later in this text), and use


February 24, 2022

“If you hold a piece of lightning wood in your right hand, special powers can be bestowed — for both healing and destruction. It takes a trained mind to recognize the difference between the two. Don’t EVER hold the wood in your left hand.”


January 25, 2022

"At the periphery of your attention is a crack. Most folk don’t even realize it’s there. What lies beyond? Other worlds? Nothing so…definite. There’s a saying about looking at the world through a keyhole. It’s something like that."


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