Have you heard of the Seekers, fellow traveler? They venture out from a monastery that rests upon the Cosmic Shoreline seeking knowledge of the consciousnesses that share this universe. Once, one of these Seekers paid a visit to the Hill Folk.

The Seeker: Hello.

Celestia: Who are you?

The Seeker: I am a Seeker of the order of Soul Divers. I come seeking knowledge.

Celestia: Curious. Knowledge about us?

The Seeker: Yes, I seek knowledge about you, your customs, your beliefs, your consciousness.

Celestia: Very well. You should speak with the wisest among us.

Celestia led the Seeker to a woman atop a bluff, sitting and gazing up at the stars.

Celestia: Here she is. Ask away.

The Seeker immediately noticed the woman’s eyes were beautiful milky portals.

The Seeker: Um. Forgive my question, wisest among the hill folk, but are you blind?

Meridia: You are very observant.

The Seeker: What are you doing?

Meridia: What does it look like. I watch all the stars and moons and planets and nebulae.

The Seeker: I don’t understand.

Meridia: Then it appears we have much to discuss.

The Seeker sat with the wise woman and discussed the nature of wisdom until the Seeker passed into the shadow-side of life.