Andre Torres, a man who has been reported missing for nearly a week, has been found. He wandered out of the woods east of town where he was spotted by a local resident Saturday morning, who called in his appearance.

Here is an excerpt from our interview with Andre:

Interviewer: You believe you’ve been gone for how long?

Andre: Years at least.

I: [silence]

A: Don’t believe me?

I: The fact is you went missing a week ago.

A: Yes, but I’ve been in…

I: Yes?

A: I know the words…but I can’t make myself say it! I know where I’ve been!

As hard as he tried, we were unable to get Andre to reveal the location in which he believed he has been for the past week. While he was initially eager to talk with us, he has refused any follow-up interviews and is not returning our calls or emails.