The Grave-Keeper dangled their arm out a window in the not-car. Solar winds brushed against their face as they pushed the pedal to the floor. It had been some time since they’d cruised the Celestial Highway, a long time since they’d made time just for themself.

The Highway was usually a barren place, an empty expanse filled with nothing but stars and thought, so it surprised the Grave-Keeper to see a figure up in the distance laying on the roadside. They slowed the not-car and craned their head out the window. The figure, clearly a person, was motionless — likely dead. No matter how much the Grave-Keeper tried to avoid it, duty always found a way back into frame.

The Grave-Keeper stepped out of the not-car, and pulled a spade from the trunk. They dug a hole in dark matter, and made it a grave by gingerly lowering the body inside. As they were about to fill the hole back up, however, a hand emerged — from the body of the dead man within.

“Help me up, would you?”