A nocturnal terror locals have started calling “The Padfoot” made another appearance last night in Harvest, Okla., according to eyewitnesses. Sally Gains, proprietor of Wanderstorm, a beloved local bookstore, described her encounter with the alleged creature:

“At first I didn’t know what it was. Looked like a tumbleweed rolling out of the corn stalks, but it was moving too… erratically for it to be the wind. Suddenly it jumped up on all fours and I knew immediately I was looking at a dog, a mean one. Not gonna lie, I was scared. Like, really scared. It was the size of a donkey, black, with shaggy hair and eyes like ruby saucers. He stared at me for a moment, a moment I thought might be my last, but then bounded back into the cornfield. And then it howled… my god it howled. More like roared. I’ve never heard a sound quite like that.”

Even with frequent sightings, the creature’s existence has yet to be confirmed. No tracks have been found in the areas near the sightings, and no photographic evidence has emerged to corroborate the eyewitness accounts.

Another local, Jeb Chalmers, says he doesn’t put much stock in the “Padfoot” rumors, remarking:

“Dogs as big as donkeys? Hogwash. Someone needs to get their eyes checked or get off the drink.”

This was a rich quote coming from someone found passed out in the parking lot of Oz’s Diner, with nothing but his underwear on, about six months ago following the Llama Incident.