Weird occurrences have become the norm in the not-so-quiet town of Harvest, Okla. The same town that endured the “llama incident” earlier this year has experienced yet another inexplicable phenomenon. Joni Evers, town resident and local mechanic, gives us her perspective on the event’s beginnings:

“I first noticed something was wrong at the Dino Station. I was getting my weekly slushy treat…I think that ‘Don’t You Want Somebody to Love’ song was playing — the original, not a cover. Anyway, I looked out the windows while I was up at the register and I couldn’t believe my eyes — these green wisps were crawling across the clouds. Before I know it, everything’s as green as the Dino sign out front. I look across the street and see this glowing deer — a big ol’ stag. Seemed fine enough, except he was just…staring. Not at me — at the world. I took a drink of my slushy, and when I looked up he was gone.”

No one else reported seeing this luminous stag. The sky remained green for three full days after that before returning to normal.