In my travels through the Void I came across four humans on an interstellar craft. They spoke thus:

1: How smart we are to be able to move through the void.

2: We do not move through the void. The void passes by us.

3: Nay, motion is relative. Our consciousness is what moves.

They turned to the fourth human, who seemed not to be interested in speaking.

“What do you think?” they asked in unison.

4: None of you are wrong.

The three became angry at the thought of not being wholly right. Together they pushed the fourth off the craft into the Void.

The fourth human floated through the Void, for his friends had set him adrift. These are the thoughts I believe him to have had:

4: I go to float in other seas, seas above this one, and perhaps below, possibly a bit off to the side.

In truth, I do not know what became of him.