We here at The Inquirer and Reflection are excited to announce that we’re expanding our operations and news coverage to Healing Springs, AR. The market there is even smaller than what we’re accustomed to in Harvest, OK (where our HQ is located), so it should fit our business model well!

(As many of our readers know, our bills are only one-third paid by subscriptions; the other two-thirds are paid through a combination of luck — finding roadside bags of money, anonymous donations — and untraceable counterfeits provided to us from an adoring off-world fan.)

Healing Springs, founded in 1881, is located in the Ozark Mountains of northern Arkansas. The city is most famously known as quaint resort getaway (though this was more true in the past decades) where the natural springs supposedly possess magical healing qualities. We’re excited to discover if these accounts are indeed true!

Good luck, Tracy! (Surprise, Tracy! You’re moving to Healing Springs!)