Sergey stares unblinking at the ghostly figure hovering outside the spaceship’s porthole. A frustrated expression creases the woman’s translucent face. She gestures again: pick up. For some unknowable reason, Sergey’s thoughts drift into the past, to a time before he set sail — he sees a child, wise beyond their years, sitting beneath an old-world pay phone. This seems so important… why is this memory coming back now?

Tap, tap.

Snapping to the present, Sergey looks around suddenly beset by the anxiety of not knowing what the woman actually wants him to do. After a moment of fruitless searching, he looks back and shrugs, doing his best to convey he wants to help but is unable.

The woman points. Sergey follows her finger to a planetary body below. He immediately clocks a massive spire rising from the surface.

Then the sirens go off.