Tenets of Harmony

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October 12, 2023

If one achieves Oneness, all achieve Oneness. If one goes astray, all go astray.


August 31, 2023

We Dive with our souls, our entire being, into cosmic waters, imperfectly striving towards Enlightenment, believing that our devotion and rigorous pursuit of cosmic truth will lead if not us, then our descendants to Oneness.


August 03, 2023

The Great Barrier is, in truth, not a barrier but an ocean. It is not that which blocks passage, but instead that which is the final form all consciousness will assume.


June 15, 2023

Perpetual communion with the Universal Consciousness is the ultimate aspiration. It is Enlightenment.


May 25, 2023

The Universal Consciousness has no sense of self. This lack of self is the Great Barrier we must chart should we attain our Enlightenment. Thus we Dive.


April 20, 2023

Beyond our personal consciousness exists a Universal Consciousness, the source, the Ground of Being, from which we all come and to which we all return.


March 16, 2023

The cosmos is vast and unknowable. Through consciousness we venture and make contact with the unknown. This is the limitation of our existence.


March 02, 2023

Our sense of self is our greatest strength and our greatest weakness. The self allows our personal consciousness to navigate the seas of existence, but so too does it prevent our communion with the Universal Consciousness.


February 02, 2023

The threads of existence are intertwined with consciousness. Without consciousness the cosmos would cease to exist. This is the Great Paradox.


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