Tome of Witnessings

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January 11, 2024

Silence blankets the woods on my northeasterly face. The wind has left. The trees sleep. The animals cease to exist. In the dead of night, the crescent moon gleams off the clouds — with this celestial light, a tune comes. At first, it is nothing but a note. But it grows…


October 05, 2023

Upon my hillsides, aspen trees stand vigil. Much like the mountain itself, these trees see all. Many minds link as one. Why do they shiver? What causes them to quake so? Something prowls the cliffs and crags beyond the forests, something the trees are smart enough to fear. A cold


April 06, 2023

Perched upon Scrivener’s Point, the spirit of inspiration casts its gaze upon the wilds beyond. Many people, many lives, but always the same spirit. Is that what I think it is? There, floating high on some fluffy collection of water vapor… is that, a castle? Imagination flows — ships in


January 04, 2023

Through the Goat’s Teeth, among the northeastern woods, a cloaked figure wanders. It’s so dark; a new moon hovers in the sky. They seem to be following something, but what is hard to say. There! A second cloak moves among pines and quaking aspens. A third. And… is


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