We’re excited to publicly announce From the Deep, a survival horror game in development at Causeway Studios (you can wishlist the game right now on Steam!).

From the Deep is a survival horror game set inside an abandoned Monastery upon the Cosmic Shoreline — a liminal space at the threshold between Cosmos and Nothingness. The game focuses on the stories of the Soul Divers, resource management and puzzle solving, and surviving a dynamic, relentless pursuer that will stop at nothing in its obsession to consume you, disrupting even the most carefully concocted plans as it hunts.

Something lurks beneath the Cosmic Shoreline

At the edge of the universe, which has no edges, there is a hallowed space that binds Worlds and Consciousness. Between the Cosmos and Nothingness that lies beyond, flow the eternal waters – creating what is known as the Cosmic Shoreline.

Here, the fortitude of uncountable cosmic strings form a web of power impossible to describe. Here, the paper-thin flesh of reality is laid bare and made vulnerable.

Upon these shores something remarkable stands: a Monastery. Here, the order of Soul Divers make their home and pursue enlightenment: unity through harmony between the personal and Universal consciousness. It is a place of peace, devotion, and magic.

Yet… something lurks beneath the Cosmic Shoreline.

The Seeker, a lone pilgrim, has been recalled before their appointed time. Upon their return to the Monastery there is no welcome, no restoration of their clouded memories, nothing at all. As they search for signs of life the Seeker discovers, too late, that everything has gone horribly wrong.

That which lurks has found its way into the Monastery, and it is hunting the Seeker. This Entity is hungry… so very hungry.

Forced deeper into the Monastery to survive, the Seeker must search for a way to banish the Entity and avoid assimilation with the creature — a fate that is worse than death.

Will the Seeker survive to tell the tale, or will their fate be sealed inside the hallowed halls?

Journey to Universe's Edge

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For now, thank you for taking the time to read about our game announcement for From the Deep! And remember to wishlist on Steam!