From the Deep

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January 05, 2024

Greetings, fellow travelers, A happy new year to you all! I hope the holidays have treated you well, you are well-rested, and you are as excited as we are for what this year has in store. (Not to mention, goodbye and good riddance to 2023!) Causeway Studios has been through


October 06, 2022

We’re excited to publicly announce From the Deep, a survival horror game in development at Causeway Studios (you can wishlist the game right now on Steam!). From the Deep is a survival horror game set inside an abandoned Monastery upon the Cosmic Shoreline — a liminal space at the threshold


August 11, 2022

One day, a traveler weary from spaceflight visited the Stone Dwellers. He came bearing a sublime substance contained within a hand-sized vial. When he showed the substance to the Stone Dwellers, they were in awe, and asked many questions.