Yesterday, a strange man entered the headquarters of The Inquirer and Reflection. This man (named Todd) was quite angry with us; he claimed to be an employee of the paper! When we told him we had no record of his employment, now or in the past, he grew red in the face. He pulled out his Inquiry and Reflection badge and slammed it on the desk. To our great surprise, dear reader, this proved he was indeed an employee!

It turns out that through some clerical error, we forgot that we had expanded to another town before Healing Springs, AR (which in retrospect makes that announcement rather embarrassing). Todd recounted a perilous journey, across what he called the “Phantom Plains,” to return to Harvest and seek our assistance (he used more colorful language and instead blamed us for causing the town to fall off the map through our negligence, but that is a rather silly notion, isn’t it?)

Back to our point: by returning to us, Todd has rediscovered a lost town in western Kansas called Oblivion! How quaint sounding. So, dear reader, we are delighted to inform you that your subscription dollars are going even further than we thought!

We’ve sent Todd back to Oblivion, now that the town is back in our records, and eagerly await his report on the state of the town.