Oblivion, KS

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April 19, 2024

Trouble treads carefully. They know what will happen if the other Reapers catch them here. There’s too much at stake, they think to themself. I have to keep the dream alive. The risk is worth it. Crawling to the top of a shallow rise, Trouble looks over the swaying


August 17, 2023

YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE HERE. Spooked from his hiding spot behind a particularly large bush, Todd found himself face-to-face with the phantom he had been tracking around town for the last few days. The phantom towered over him, and he noticed that their unblinking, metallic-gold eyes had no


June 29, 2023

Roger Heelman slams his office phone back onto its receiver. The clerk he had just hired two weeks ago has failed to show up to their shift. Roger does not remember that this is the fifth time this has occurred, nor does Ms. Lauer, a frequent customer of Heelman Convenience.


April 27, 2023

Todd couldn’t believe it. After everything he’d been through to make it to Harvest, those incredulous pencil-pushers were sending him back to the flatlands. He’d come to them for help, but as usual they couldn’t see how dangerous the situation had become. True, now that The


April 13, 2023

Yesterday, a strange man entered the headquarters of The Inquirer and Reflection. This man (named Todd) was quite angry with us; he claimed to be an employee of the paper! When we told him we had no record of his employment, now or in the past, he grew red in