Roger Heelman slams his office phone back onto its receiver. The clerk he had just hired two weeks ago has failed to show up to their shift. Roger does not remember that this is the fifth time this has occurred, nor does Ms. Lauer, a frequent customer of Heelman Convenience. Neither remember that the phantom, too, is a loyal customer, as this convenience store always had the nicest clerks.

Anaya Kapoor folds laundry, the shirts and socks still warm from the dryer. She briefly ponders why clothes two sizes too small were mixed in with her own, but she brushes the thought away. It is the same disregard she gave upon realizing she wears a wedding band, despite never having been married. Anaya does not remember her wife went outside to tend to the flowerbeds a few nights ago. She does not remember that the phantom takes a walk every evening to admire the flowers on Serendipity St., or that the phantom had decided to get a gardener for their own flowerbeds.

The residents of Oblivion, KS don’t remember, but they will soon. The phantom knows this, since that pesky reporter slipped from their clutches. It would be quite the inconvenience for the phantom to reset the town again. However, they had done it before, so they would do it once more.