I’ve been gone for a time, fellow travelers, wandering the aether.

From irrational beginnings, we take our first steps into strange worlds. Pieces of ourselves can be found strewn about. We struggle for meaning. The journey continues…

Meaning is a marathon. It is nurtured, found in fragments not wholes.

In the weird corners of the unknown spaces we find the unexpected (and the unexpected finds us). The great leviathans which fly through the Seas Below bellow songs of beautiful terror. The Invisible Force that lurks within the In Between Spaces whispers subtle encouragements when you need them most. The expansive Void continues to fascinate the mariners who brave its non-waves. The Golden Fields yearn for the days of old, before the Reapers made it their home. The Infinite Well remains a closely guarded secret, powerful-beyond-words and with a will of its own.

Stories await in these places and more. Come take your place in them.