Strange happenings continue to disquiet the small town of Harvest, Okla. Known for their high-quality corn exports and locally world-famous Papier-mâché Museum, the town has reportedly run afoul of unfortunate phenomena over the past year. The latest incident occurred last night in the cornfield on the west side of town. Joni Evers, town resident and local mechanic, explains what she witnessed:

“Sky was black, what with the clouds rolling in. Things got real dark, real quick. Lightning started flashing, but there wasn’t any thunder to speak of. That’s not overly strange, mind you, sometimes weather’s just right for that, but I found it odd… ’auspicious’ my sister would say, but I don’t think she uses the word like the most folk. Anyway, the light show made the cornfield easy to see. It was like an overly fake storm you see in an old horror movie like ‘Attack of the Reapers’. The wind picked up and the stalks started a’swayin something fierce. Suddenly a man, what looked like a man, came strutting out of the field. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing — a man, buttoned up in a suit jacket, with nothing but a skull for a head. He looked my way, tipped his hat — he had a hat, if I didn’t mention — and walked on toward the Dino Station. What was that? What was I doing out by the cornfield? … You know, now that you mention it, I can’t recall.”

The “skull man,” as Joni referred to him, would play a pivotal role in events that would unfold later that night.

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