I followed the Grave-Keeper through a cavernous chamber. At its center a sarcophagus sat beneath a massive tree.

I: What’s the tree for?

Grave-Keeper: Oh, that’s for carbon-based life forms that require high blood-oxygen saturation levels to live. Don’t worry, you don’t need that.

I: What about the sarcophagus?

Grave-Keeper: What, the keeper?

I paused, not understanding. I clarified.

I: The stone casket there at the base of the tree.

Grave-Keeper: Yes, I call those keepers. It is what they do. In that keeper rests the last person who came searching for the Secret of Life.

I: I assume they’re dead.

Grave-Keeper: Indeed. But a perceptive question, I’ll give you that.

They motioned to me, even as I wished to linger.

Grave-Keeper: This way, to the Hall of Proving.