I went up to the hills, beyond the constellations in the sky, to visit with the hill folk.

I: I have a problem, hill folk, and I seek your guidance.

Celestia: You’ve traveled a long way, Watcher. We’ll help if we can.

I: I’ve lost my soul and I can’t seem to find them.

Celestia: Where did you last speak?

I: In a grove, beneath a cathedral of trees.

Celestia: You went to The Well?

I: I did. My soul folded along many paths. Now it is gone from me.

Celestia: I cannot see into that place, but fear not. Your soul has not abandoned you.

The hill woman placed a silver coin in my right hand. I could feel it tugging me toward my desire. I thanked the hill woman for her help, and journeyed back out into the stars.