The Watcher Discovers the Secret of Life

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September 08, 2022

Standing there in the shade of that infinite place, I discovered the Secret of Life —  that which is unknowable and yet at the same time all I knew. Forever would I search for the secret I already carried, that I already knew, yet never be able to explain. Life’s


September 06, 2022

I approached the simple, stone well at the center of the grove. Darkness surrounded me. I stared for a moment. Suddenly, a bright light…no a bright reflection? A glowing mirror appeared before me and I saw a vision. In this vision I stood on the banks of a great


August 09, 2022

I followed my soul along a straight line through the endless forest (that one of my dead selves had previously found, now that I think on it). We entered a grove beneath a cathedral of trees, and my soul suddenly split and unfolded along many paths. My Soul: This is


July 28, 2022

Grave-Keeper: Well? Which doorway will you choose? I had thought long and with great intention about this choice — any of these worlds (the Seas Below, The Infinite Well, the Hall of Echoes) could lead me to the Secret of Life and reunite me with my soul. I: I choose the


July 14, 2022

The Grave-Keeper and I walked past a massive tree into a passageway tucked behind. For a while, we walked in darkness. I never felt afraid, though I also felt as though I should. Grave-Keeper: Here we are. They motioned about a juncture with a mid-height ceiling. Before me there were


July 12, 2022

I followed the Grave-Keeper through a cavernous chamber. At its center a sarcophagus sat beneath a massive tree. I: What’s the tree for? Grave-Keeper: Oh, that’s for carbon-based life forms that require high blood-oxygen saturation levels to live. Don’t worry, you don’t need that. I: What


May 03, 2022

I: You said you found my soul. Grave-Keeper: I did. I: Is that why you've brought me to this place? I look back at the dead body in the dark passage. Grave-Keeper: I told you not to tarry. That note wasn’t meant for you. I keep the note. Or…


March 31, 2022

Grave-Keeper: Don’t tarry here, Watcher. I couldn’t help but return and examine the corpse I had stepped over. What had been a candle was left burnt to nothing by the body. I noticed a paper note, suspiciously conspicuous, left unfolded by them. I picked it up and read


March 08, 2022

The Grave-Keeper and I walked down long-forgotten halls made of a cold stone. I: What is this place? Where have you led me? Grave-Keeper: This is The Mausoleum. I: I’ve never heard of this place. Grave-Keeper: Few have. I: Why is that? Grave-Keeper: Here, one may find the Secret


March 01, 2022

I followed the Grave-Keeper across a line I did not know existed. Such a funny thing, the things that lie within our periphery — both inside and outside our vision. Before I knew it, we stood in a strange, stone place. This is where I found the Secret of Life.


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