The Great Lake

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December 04, 2023

Choice 1 You stand before a massive body of water: a great lake. The sky is overcast and everything is so misty around you that you can only see about thirty yards in any direction. Behind you, a dense coniferous tree-line forms an ominous barrier. You remove your shoes. You


September 27, 2022

My soul and I went to the Great Lake to bathe. As I began submerging my feet to my ankles, my soul tapped me on the shoulder and pointed down the shoreline. I saw another person wading into the lake. I shouted to them. I: Be careful! This lake is


September 06, 2022

I approached the simple, stone well at the center of the grove. Darkness surrounded me. I stared for a moment. Suddenly, a bright light…no a bright reflection? A glowing mirror appeared before me and I saw a vision. In this vision I stood on the banks of a great